Growth for Buffer

I was the lead designer in a new team put together to tackle growth at Buffer. Many of the projects were experiemental.




Lead Product Designer


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Growth for Buffer

A new experimental team

A new team was put together to tackle growth at Buffer. Some of the projects were experimental and others saw through to production. I got to work as the lead designer on many initiatives including new pricing, better upsells, calls-to-actions and even a prototype for a whole new home experience.

An example of my work

There was lots of explorations that covered upsells, pricing and onboarding

Exploring new pricing

At the time, we wanted to introduce a brand new Essentials plan to Buffer. This would sit side-by-side with the current offering as a way for us to see how it would resonate. The first challenge was working out the details for the plan but also how we would try and make it known within the app as a good experiment. My first thought here was to introduce it in various places, including the existing pricing plans page. Using illustrations from our talanted brand designer, Julia, I wanted to explore how it could feel exciting and celebratory and visually make it appealing to click.

An example of my work

Seeing if we could introduce a new plan next to our older ones

Discover, not sell

We needed space to better explain the plan, though, and it felt important to keep that within the app and not send people off to a marketing page. The idea here was to keep the discovery, learning and potential upgrade of the plan as quick and as seamless as possible. I explored a modal that would be triggered from any of the Essential plan notices within the web app and have it sit between the discovery and the upgrade. It had to be visually appealing and contain just enough information so the customer would know the benefits and feel it was a worthy upgrade.

An example of my work

We introduced a modal designed to be engaging and a way to learn about the new plan


We ended up continuing with this same idea, even on mobile, when explaining other new plans we were introducing like the Team Pack. It felt important to keep that bright, friendly visual style across the platforms. At the time, we were really doubling down on our Design System across web and mobile and that even including brand assets and illustrations as a core part of Buffer's new indentity.

An example of my work

We explored bringing over the same ways to learn about plans to mobile

Show what they're missing

As part of the upsells explorations, I mapped out all the current places where we were attempting to upself customers from the free plan to paid plans and found many were missed opportunties. We looked again at the onboarding process, the various paid features that we blocked, and looked at other opportuties like new popups and modals. It felt important to take care of the user experience here and make sure that any lesser plan still felt like a solid choice and that we were not just bombading people with upsell messages.

An example of my work

A new experimental area called Home that would serve to be onboarding customers

No place like home

Another aspect of growth was a more experimental feature we were calling Home. This was a cross platform exploration with what mobile had as Get Started. The idea was that when a customer signed up to Buffer they were not just presented with a blank queue, which was the current experience at the time. We looked at providing useful jump off points that would be relevant and valuable to anyone new to Buffer which would hopefully get them to use Buffer to it's full potentail and then find natural reasons why they should then upgrade to paid.

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