I love to design and build beautiful software for the internet. As well as my experience as a product designer, I also have a technical background as an engineer which can be useful to bring ideas all the way through to production.


UK / Remotely


Over 15 years


UX · UI · Product · Design Systems · Prototyping · CSS · JS · React · Tailwind

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I am a product designer with a flexible approach to work. I have many years of experience working with teams for high profile startups. I work remotely and make the most of asynchronous communication. I like to have fun with what I do and to work with nice people.

I love hiking, cooking, music and photography. I also run a blog with a friend called Shape of Software whilst building an app called Convey that helps creative people share knowledge online. But that is enough about me, here is what I can do for you...


One of my favourite services is to help people figure out their MVP. This can cover a wide range of my skills from wireframing, prototypes, high-fidelity designs and even front-end engineering.

Redesign features

Its envitable that software gets more complex overtime so a fresh pair of eyes can help to refine and simplify. Using wireframes and designs and documents, I can show you a better way.

New features

You have an idea for something great but you need help to bring it to life. Through research, wireframing, designs and disccusions, I can help to shape it and ship it.

Design systems

Consistency is a signal for quality but it can easily slip. I take a holistic look at products and break them down to their component parts and help provide a system that everyone can follow.

UX auditing

I take a look at products, through the eyes of the customer, to take note of the stumbling blocks and then to provide a comprehensive report on how to improve them with easy to follow steps.


Maybe you just need a fresh pair of eyes on a project or would like advice on the best way forward? We can talk this through and I can draw on my experience to help you find a better solution.

Sanne de Vries
Product Designer at Ghost
“From the get-go, James showed how deeply he cares by asking the hard questions. His inquisitive nature combined with his resourcefulness enables him to think outside the box and come up with inspired solutions. But where his true quality lies is his ability to jump from this high level understanding to being meticulous about detail and translating ideas into quality code. He would make an asset to any team that cares about delivering high quality work — not only for his skill but also for his kind, fun, and light-hearted spirit!”
David O'Callaghan
Designer at VidIQ
“I had a great time working with James at Buffer. He has an incredible ability to think through problems and apply different lenses to ensure he's getting all the perspectives required to make the best design decisions in a given situation. Another area I was really inspired by was his ability to teach more junior designers and articulate his experience in a concise and clear manner. On top of all this, he's also a really great personality to have on the team.”
Tom Redman
Director of Product at Curaytor
“James is a fantastic all-around design thinker & executor. I've been lucky to work closely with him for years, and still learn more from him every day. I've watched as he's designed some of very best products in their class, only to have our users stick around because of his designs. World class talent!”
Michael Nino Evensen
Designer & UX Consultant
“I worked with James when we worked together at SoundCloud and I think he is a fantastic product chameleon. Initially starting as a web front-end developer / prototyper for the web platform it quickly became clear that James had a keen sensibility for product design, and with this combination of deep technical understanding and a fearless constructively critical approach to designing me and James ended up having countless of deep feature, and product related, discussions across all of SoundCloud's products, both web and mobile. James is not only a fantastic designer but also an absolute stellar product person.”
Roy Opata Olende
Head of UX Research at Zapier
“James is a top-tier designer. In my time working with him, he showed an ability to focus squarely on first principles and customer needs — a skill that's not common amongst designers, even though it should be. He also produces novel solutions based on his understanding of user problems and opportunities. He knows how to get the best out of fellow product managers, user researchers, and other peers. I hope to get the chance to work with him again.”
Lauren Chilcote
Senior Designer at Webflow
“Thoughtful, inquisitive, and truly no-ego, James was a total dream to work with! He's got killer design instincts and cares deeply about good user experiences and improving his craft. A true creator at heart, he's always pushing himself to learn something new (photography! piano! creating design courses!). Not only is he a fantastic designer and skilled developer, he's an incredible human—one of the most warm, welcoming people I've ever worked with.”

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